Monday, 18 May 2009

Eason End UK Bookshop Interests

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Eason, one of Ireland's premier book and magazine retailers has sold off its interest in UK book retailer, British Bookshops to The Works, owned by equity firm, Endless. Eason bought British Bookshops in 2004. The sell-off suggests that Eason has given up its strategic development of uk bookstores entirely and a recognition that the company need to devote all its efforts into the Irish book retail market.
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  1. Hmm, i'd hazard a guess that they sold it for a whole lot less than they paid for it. Classic case of too much too fast for Easons. Bought the old Hannas and ended up closing it, then bought this lot in the south of England and end up selling it as well.

  2. It was reported five years ago that Eason paid 30 million for British Bookshops.

    I'd agree, don't think they got anywhere near that amount this time round.


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