The London Literary Press – (Update Feb 2010)

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This publisher has changed their name in the past year and the previous review as of March 2009 is no longer valid. They are a publishing service looking for financial backing from ‘new’ authors and provide few details or clues to their full program. There are no books listed on their site nor are there any links to books or references made to books they have published.

Therefore, POD, Self Publishing & Independent Publishing has decided to pull the original review in an effort not to mislead authors about their services.
Should any authors have any recent information or experiences of them – feel free to post in the comments section.

Ah…they are back



  1. Anonymous said:

    Thank you for this objective article.
    After visiting their site I got the impression that they are traditional publishers.

  2. Mick Rooney said:

    The London Literary Press seem to have gone through a ‘little re-invention’ of late.

    I believe from the moment an author looks at a publisher they should know exactly where they stand – traditional or pay to play. With TLLP, the waters are muddied. Most publishers in the uk who have a traditional wing as well as a self-publishers wing/option, seperate the two with different imprint names. I suspect most of TLLP output is self-publishing at a cost to the author.

  3. Leotien said:

    I want to remark that regular publishers only accept famous authors in order to play safe. They always reject beginning authors in a disdainful way and discourage them completely. I truly have enough of those so called reliable large publishing companies as Little Brown, Random House etc

  4. Mick Rooney said:


    I do take your point regarding the reception new or unknown authors get from large publishing houses. It’s a big challenge to write a good book let alone break into the large publisher circle.

    I would point out (celebrities and ‘famous before’ authors aside), most authors begin as unknows and have to jump through the same hoops to gain widespread readership and even moderate success. The traditional model of publishing (agented authors and unagented) still provides the best platform to develope an author’s writing and publishing career.

    It is also worth highlighting that the huge moneyspinners for major publishing houses usually represents less than 10% of the title output, and it is the profits from these books which fund the risk every large publisher undertakes when they accept a beginner or unknown author’s book for publication.

    A brief look through the pages of The Bookseller, Publishers Weekly or Publishers Marketplace will attest to the fact that unknown and beginner authors are regularly being signed up by large publishing houses.

  5. Leotien said:

    Dear Mick Rooney,

    I only send them a query letter and they seem to have great problems with true stories about paranornmal events. In particular when the truth of the paranormal is revealed.Most publishers want sensation. Maybe you can help me.

  6. Mick Rooney said:


    This really wasn’t the best fit for a publisher for your work. I am wondering if you even realized they were a ‘pay to play’ publisher.

    There are of course publishers who specialize in the paranormal – actually, quite a lot – I’m just baffled how you ended up approaching a publishing with this name. Surely, it at least told you they were focused on literary work, albeit, subsidized by the author.

    PM me at mickrooney777 at hotmail dot com

  7. Leotien said:

    Dear Mick Rooney,

    My book “Eleonore”is a novel,is literary because the main themss of Interview with the Vampire run through my book like a thread.It relates all the strange events I’ve experienced during 32 years after conducting a spiritualist séance and how I was freed. The preface contains only the warning.

  8. Leotien said:

    I send a question to the London Literary some time ago and there’s no reply. Bsides, they seem to have no address or phone number for I checked the telephone directory.

  9. Leotien said:

    Dear Mick Rooney,

    Has the London Literary Press ceased to exist for their website is not available anymore.


  10. Mick Rooney said:


    I have nothing definitive as of yet about their current status, but certainly their site is not longer available. As I stated in this post, I simply saw little reason to leave the original review in place on the site as they have changed their name over the past year and attempted to reinvent themselves so many times.

    This may be another period of reinvention, or, more likely, in the current economic downturn – their demise.

    A case of watch this space.

  11. Anonymous said:

    I have sent my manuscript to tllp got a reply they told me my work had passed first step then they sent me an email after two months to be patient, four months has gone by and now I cant even get their email to work I think I have been caught. I just wanted to let the other people know about this tllp


  12. Mick Rooney said:

    The most recent reports on this publishing service would not instill even the casual author with much confidence.

    I’d try elsewhere.