Poll Now Open

Forget Obama and Clinton, the POD publisher’s poll is open for votes. You may select just one, but yes, if you feel there is someone who should be on it, reply with comment, stating why, and it will be logged and counted as a vote. Remember, it’s your own positive experience.

Poll closes in June.



  1. Mick Rooney said:

    Yes, Shannon, I goofed with this one. I’ve actually reset the damn thing three times since yesterday because I omitted Publishers from the original list. However, I have a fix it, as I don’t want to go for a reset again. There is an option to select multiple choices. But what the hell, I can generate more feedback by voters who don’t see their favoured publisher, voting other, and then posting a poll comment explaining their preference. It will generate further debate, and I will count each comment as a vote for whichever publisher is included in the comment.

    Just don’t accuse me of trying to do a ‘Mugabe’ on the final declared vote!