HMS PODdy Mouth Sinks at Sea!

So the shutters seem to be finally pulled down for good on Blogger PODdy Mouth. The POD bloggers ‘Sex in the City’ blogspot was deleted by the author following yesterdays posting by Angela Hoy in WritersWeekly.

It seems Angela feels she has been blacklisted by PODdy and her comment replies to blog articles have been deleted. Angela has even stuck up the ‘reward-wanted’ posters and is offering $500 for anyone who can reveal the true identity behind PODdy Mouth by providing proof.

It seems PODdy may have been an owner/employee of a known POD publishers and posting to eskew ‘facts’ and opinions in favour of one particular POD publisher.

The article by Angela certainly makes for interesting reading. Lets just hope that in light of the current moves by Amazon against POD publishers, the natives don’t end up fighting amongst themselves!


One Comment;

  1. Mark LaFlamme said:

    I am perpetually and profoundly happy that Angela is around to take on people like this nim-ROD character. Mrs. Hoy is prepared for the heavyweight battles, like the one with the ear-chewing Amazon monster, but clearly she can fight in the alley behind the bar, too. Someone has to do the emperor-has-no-clothes bit with behemoths like Amazon. In the case of Poddy mouth, is more a matter of the peon has no class.