Monday, 22 September 2014

How to Avoid Self-Publishing Heartache - Kim Bookless | Guest Post

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Authors come to me for help and guidance in self-publishing their manuscripts. I’m delighted to talk with them but, unfortunately, many of our conversations begin like this:
Author: “I wrote a book and I’m ready to self-publish it.”

Me: “Great! Before we talk about the publishing process, let’s talk about your manuscript. What kind of editing has it had?”


Me: “Has it had any editing?”

Author: “No.”
Me: “Have you asked for feedback from beta readers?”

Author: “No, but my cousin, who is a teacher, looked at it and loved it.”

Me: “If you and your cousin are the only people on the planet who have seen your manuscript, it’s probably not ready to publish—not yet, anyway.”
Author: “Look, I don’t need editing. I just need a printer.”

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